Barnaby Sollars (IIMS DipMarSurv)

Yacht and Power Craft Surveys

I am a marine surveyor with over 35 years of marine industry experience including refit management, new build commissioning, round the world racing boat building and senior management,

Working from a base in Cowes I cover the Isle of WIght, South Coast and travel worldwide, undertaking surveys of all craft less than 30 meters.

The services, are designed to be tailored to your situation, vessel and needs, all services will be discussed and agreed upon in detail before commencement. I operate as a partner to Mc Gruer and Co Ltd,  on the West cost of Scotland.

I undertake pre-purchase surveys which will by their nature cover all broad aspects of the vessel in question but will be tailored, if required, to your particular wants and needs. As much information as possible is gathered prior to survey to avoid duplication and options for elements such as engines, rig and systems are discussed. Survey costs will depend very much on the level of detail required, the type and sophistication of the vessel and her location and situation. All testing not undertaken directly (eg. oil analysis, specialist rig or NDT inspection) can be organised through our office.

Insurance surveys the bulk of the insurance survey is similar to a pre-purchase survey, looking at the fundamental structural elements of the vessel as well as principle equipment and systems but not focusing on the aspects not relevant to insured value. Once again, the exact nature of the survey can be tailored in communication with the relevant insurers to ensure that the survey is appropriate to the vessel and the insured value.

Valuations can be provided as part of other surveys or as a standalone report for the purposes of marketing, in case of dispute or in special circumstances such as an unusually equipped vessel which is seeking agreed value insurance. The inspection will include the fundamental elements of other surveys in regards to structure and systems but will be in less depth as we are seeking an overall gauge of the vessel’s condition to be able to compare it to the market.

General research and consultancy can cover many aspects in the field, including vessel search, new build or refit representation, cost of ownership, local and remote project management and general advice from the experience of 35 years afloat.

Our aim is a thorough, accurate, easily read report of the required aspects of any given vessel.

Inspection of Commercial vessels, including MCA coding under the auspices of the IIMS as a certifying authority is carried out by my colleague, Fraser Noble from the Scottish office.

This website has a surveying gallery, which I try and keep updated and some information on my career which tells you how I have ended up doing what I do. There is also a page for ‘Sticky Vinyls’ a small sister company, operating from Cowes.

Our Scottish office can be contacted by following this link: McGruer’s, Clynder.

Pre-purchase, Insurance, Valuation.


Should you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me: or using the form on this page