Computers, Networks & Cooling


Building Pc’s

In the early days it was much cheaper to build PC’s than buy them,  therefore for 20 years or so I never bought a machine off the shelf and the knowledge gained means that I have got pretty good troubleshooting and repair skills and also have enough of a box of bits around the house to fix the most basic PC problems for all and sundry.


Once, of course, there is more than one PC in the house you need to join them up and get them access to the outside world. This is much more intuitive these days and for the most part plug and play but having had to learn some of the vagaries of this science I am now pretty confident setting up and sharing networks.

This is useful in itself but it is essential if you wish to set up large IP CCTV systems alongside an office network or stream live webcams to the web. On top of that, in 2018 many marine electronics, telephones and televisions have IP addresses of their own, needing a bit of understanding to get connected.

So all in all, the inner geek get’s its release from time to time and helps me at least in part join the dots in this hotspot world and deliver a diversion or two to what is going on in the room.

The pictures here are of a water cooled entertainments PC I built in 2006, part interest, part noise aversion but because of its small form factor it garnered a fair amount of interest from techies far and wide.