Boat Building

Rib Rebuilds

In order to continue boating with a busy family life and to commute to Christchurch for our holidays we have been running RIBs since 2012.

The first restoration was a bit of a taster, the major work stated at the end of 2015 with the Revenger 27 rebuild, INXS


We had been running a Vitesse the 5.6m Tornado for three years after the rebuild and she was well cherished, but the cosmetics were on their way, the new tubes had done a couple of years and it was time for a change. In September she went on the market, priced to sell.

What came next was more of a project than I expected, a 1994 Revenger 27, a thoroughbred machine and as rotten as a pear! She occupied 7 months of every weekend and evening but in May 2016 we launched with a virtually brand new boat, all that remains of what I bought is the hull, tubes and steering wheel, the pictures tell the story……..


Vitesse was the first RIB project, we ran her in original fettle for a couple of years and then for another couple after the refit. before in 2015, she made way for InXS.In The Summer of 2015 I decided it was time for an upgrade to the family boat.

The Refit was a complete strip down, antifoul removal, epoxy coating and polyurethane paint job before retubing with tubes from Paul Tilley, re-antifouling and getting underway for another couple of years!